Shana Moulton, “ness”, 2012
Collage on paper, 30cm x 45cm
Image courtesy of the artist and De Joode Kamutzki

On Sunday, January 27th, 2013 De Joode & Kamutzki will present their Winter Auction. The auction will take place simultaneously in Berlin and via live stream in New York. De Joode & Kamutzki have partnered with Pampero Coletivo and Berlin Art Link in Berlin and the Stadium Gallery in New York. Bidding will commence at 7:00 pm in Berlin, therefore 1:00 pm in New York. Both locations will open their doors one hour earlier to the public. Absentee ballots are currently being accepted for those unable to attend.  From the press release:

Please note that your offer must contain the name of the artwork, its lot number (found in the catalogue), and your bidding price. In order to be valid, the offer needs to be signed by you and delivered in person, by post or by fax. Contact:  For live bidding both in Berlin and New York it is obligatory to  bring along your ID in order for us to supply you with a bidding number. You may only bid on our artworks with a bidding number, no exceptions.

A large selection of international artists are participating including New York based artists Carolyn Salas (who currently has a solo exhibition at Dodge Gallery), Kate Steciw (Toomer Labzda), Shana Moulton and Leah Dixon. Looking forward to the event and hope to see you at Stadium Gallery in New York or via live stream if in Berlin!

Carolyn Salas, Sundog, 2011
Two C-Prints, 16″ x 19.5″
Image courtesy of the artist and De Joode Kamutzki
Leah Dixon,  “Homemade Weapons”, 2012
Acrylic and spray paint on corrugated rubber and wood, 15″ x 13″ x 7″
Image courtesy of the artist and De Joode Kamutzki
Steciw/deJoode, “Slice of Entropy”, 2012
Fine Art Print (Unique), 60cm x 50cm
Image courtesy of the artists and De Joode Kamutzki
More soon!