The New York University Curatorial Collective (NYUCC) started in 2014 in an effort to bring together the graduate students at the Institute of Fine Arts and the undergraduate students in Steinhardt’s Studio Art program. The result of the collaborative efforts are presented through one group exhibition curated by two curators from the IFA showing in the Commons Gallery at the Barney Building, and five short two-person exhibitions with a curator assigned to each pair taking place at the 80 Washington Square East Gallery‘s project space. The Below are the artists and curators involved with this year’s curatorial collective as well as previews for each of the two-person Senior Honors exhibitions.


1.  Vestige(s): On view until February 11

Curated by: Desiree Mitton & Lisa Orcutt

Artists:  Sarah Allwine, Emma Benschop, Bianca Kann, Cooper Lovano, Clara Lu, Jackie Monoson, Christine Sersea, Beverly Terry, Joshua Toor, and Ben Wolf

Installation View: “Vestige(s),” (2017) Commons Gallery, Barney Building. Image by Emma Benschop, 2017

2.  11:30 Playdate: February 7-11

Curated by- Megan DiNoia

Artists: Olivia Andrews & Ila Krishnamoorthy

Left: Olivia Andrews, “A House-shaped Corner,” (2016) Oil on Canvas. Right: Ila Krishnamoorthy, “Streaming, gliding, muscles back,” (2016) Wood, Foam, Rope, Steel, Wheels, Cotton fabric. Image courtesy of artists, 2017

3.  When a Digital Surface Meets a Mutable Apparatus…: February 14-18

Curated by: Regina Harsanyi

Artists: Daniel Mock & Dylan Riley

Left: Daniel Mock Detail view of “Dolly,” (2016) Wood, Steel, Casters, Adhesive, Hardware. Right: Dylan Riley “Versions 0-10,” (2016) Detail view: Book 1, Page 26. Edition of ten, 8 x 10 inch artist books. Images courtesy of artists, 2017

4.  Way Out/ Away Out: February 21-25

Curated by: Haley Pierce

Artists: Anna Marchisello & Phoebe Louise Randall 

Left: Anna Marchisello “Stars in 1984,” (2016) Film Still Right: Phoebe Randall “Rust,” (2016) Dye, acrylic and crayon on cotton Images courtesy of artists, 2017

5.  Systems Flow: February 28- March 4

Curated by: Julia Bozer

Artists: Jóa & Kiyomi Taylor 

Left: Jóa, “Untitled,” (2016) Performance with glass, plastic plants, water and heat sensitive pigment Right: Kiyomi Taylor, “The Other Side of Nothing: Part 1,” (2016) Still from stop-motion video, collage, paint, and ink. Images courtesy of artists, 2017

6.  Terrace House: March 7- 11

Curated by: Eva Jensen

Artists: Liana Bilor-Wesly & Emily Wang

Left: Liana Bilor-wesly “A592 Penrich July 2016,” (2016) Digital Photograph Right: Emily Wang “Untitled,” (2016) Digital Image. Images courtesy of artists